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Happy Diwali From GALE!


On November 6, GALE celebrated Diwali in Bangalore. This also marked GALE’s six-month anniversary in India and the first month in our sprawling, beautiful new office at Vasanth Nagar.

As a large part of India enjoys the short week ahead, I’m amazed at how the office has come together. Just a few months ago, the office consisted of only a few people, and now the new office is bustling with incredible, talented individuals. While our teams have been busy delivering quality work for our clients, just about everyone has been helping grow the office in any way they can — recruitments, referrals, etc. Everyone is working hard, and having fun at the same time. Just last week the office celebrated Halloween and now we are celebrating Diwali.


So, as I sit back (metaphorically!) and think about what makes an office tick, one thought comes to mind — great people! Without the incredible people at GALE, none of what we have achieved would have been possible. But, how does one attract the right people in this oversaturated Bangalore economy? We still haven’t perfected this, but the process begins with focusing on people with the right attitude as opposed to people with the right skill. One can pick up a relevant skill fairly easily, but learning a “good” attitude is far more difficult.

As part of GALE’s culture, we established a set of core values. Nothing is Impossible is one of these key core values. This value is all about having the right attitude. Skill definitely helps, but it’s important that you truly believe in collaborating with a team to deliver the best possible work for clients, for GALE, and for yourself. We have seen that an attitude of “Nothing is Impossible” is infectious and helps set a very high quality bar for all our people. This, in turn, ensures that we are bringing in people with a great attitude, and allows the cycle to repeat itself. As Lou Holtz once said, “ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

Sanjay Krishnamurphy
President, GALE India