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GALE Turns Two: CEO Brad Simms Reflects on Second Year of Business


I started my blog post one year ago asking the question — how many businesses survive their first year? Now I’m fortunate enough to ask that question for a second year.

This year at GALE has been exciting — we have more than doubled in size, moving into new offices in Bangalore, New York, and in the next few weeks, in Toronto.

The year has gone quickly — it feels like it has only been a few months since I was reflecting on year one, and now I am reflecting on year two.

Year two has been interesting. There’s been a number of new twists and turns, we’ve won over even more skeptics, and we’ve battled through the growing pains of a growing business from a people, structure and process perspective. Through it all, we’ve stayed true to our values and focused on our people. Overall, we’ve done a good job.

As I look back on the year, this was really a year at GALE in which we laid down a clear track of work that defines who we are. We decided to be creative and build our own predictive marketing cloud to help our clients get to market quickly powered by data insights. We decided to be curious and create strategy frameworks around acquiring better customers, increasing share of wallet with existing customers and reducing churn in a way that is out in front of most firms. And we did it all with a passion for great delivery highlighting the emotional value that comes with great design.

Upon reflection, I realize these three areas are now part of our DNA — being creative, curious and passionate. And as the past year has shown us — when we do all three, we create a new path forward, one that is our very own.

Brad Simms
CEO & President