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GALE Core Values: Friends Collaborating


When we set out to create an agency we were focused on three things:
great peoplegreat clients, and great work.
Without the incredible people at GALE, achieving our other two goals would have been impossible. Strong internal relationships at GALE help us to land great clients, create quality work, and continually drive innovation. When we created GALE, we wanted to build something greater than us: a lasting legacy and a positive work culture that we could be proud of.
But how do you create culture when starting from scratch? We began by establishing a set of core values. These values are exemplified in everything we do — from the work that we create, to the people we hire. Every person hired at GALE has gone through a unique “Core Values” interview to ensure that their personal values line up with GALE’s.
“Friends Collaborating” is one of our most important core values, and it is the thread that holds all of our other core values together. Without a positive work culture, our values: No Silos, Passion is Not Optional, and Masters of Our Craft etc. would be unattainable.
We believe that “Friends Collaborating” allows us to:
1. Push creativity & innovation:
People are more willing to push their creative thinking and express themselves in an environment where they feel supported by their peers. At GALE, we encourage crazy out-there ideas, different perspectives, and new approaches. We continually strive to challenge ourselves to make the impossible possible and deliver innovation to our clients.
2. Create stronger work:
Research has shown that “close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.” This level of engagement directly impacts quality of work, and the level of care put into projects.
3. Have fun!
From GALE PD Days, to Thirsty Thursdays, to impromptu guitar sing-alongs we have a blast! Let’s face it, work takes up a large part of everyone’s lives and it’s important to work at a company that you enjoy going to everyday, with friends you like working with.
We believe that a culture focused on friends collaborating is something that is scalable across all geographies as we expand as a company. When we opened our office in Bangalore this value was integral to our hiring process and our operational structure, and as we build our global presence this value will continue to be a critical component to our success.

Norah Rahamim
Managing Director

Andrea Toop